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Clean the Pearl Ring

Pearl necklace cleaning tips.

For hundreds of years, elegant, luxurious and sophisticated pearl necklaces have always been the favorite jewelry of women around the world. Because pearls are formed from living organisms, pearls are very soft and easily scratched. During use and contact with sweaty skin, pearls are very susceptible to abrasion and damage.

Clean pearl ring

To be able to maintain beauty Wipe pearls with a soft cloth from cotton, bamboo fabric, velvet p of pearls, regular care and cleaning of pearls is essential with the following simple steps:

  • Use a soft piece of cotton, bamboo fabric, velvet. Never use abrasive objects such as linen, georgette, net and jersey, brushes or sponges, as they can easily scratch pearls.
Gently wipe the chain
  • Gently wipe the chain after each wear to remove skin sweat and sebum. Dampen a few drops of water so the towel is slightly damp and start wiping the mussels one by one. Never use common jewelry cleaners as they contain ammonia which can damage the pearl.
Wipe the pearl necklace with a soft cloth
  • Until the 5th wipe, wiping with plain water alone is not enough. Dip a towel into a cup of very mild soap and start wiping. Do not use harsh soaps or cleaning solutions that contain additives, colorants and fragrances. After wiping, wipe the necklace with a soft, dry cloth to remove any remaining soap bubbles.
  • To clean the clasp, use a cotton swab soaked in jewelry cleaner or toothpaste. Absolutely do not let the cotton tip touch the pearl face.
Use a cotton swab soaked in water to clean jewelry or toothpaste

    Notes on wearing a pearl necklace

    You store your pearl chains in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and chemical environments. Store the necklace in a velvet, satin or silk lined case after each use.
    Sweat and oily skin, perfumes, hairspray or chemicals in makeup are all factors that cause abrasion in pearls. You should wait for the perfume or hairspray to dry before wearing the pearl bracelet.
    You should replace the string connecting the pearls every 5 years to ensure durability and avoid breakage.
    Source: Wikihow

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