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Jewelry Care

AME Jewelery guides how to preserve jewelry - jewelry care. Jewelry is one of the dearest and most beloved accessories for most of us. A beautiful and fashionable ring also implies a meaningful message about the owner.
However, according to jewelry experts, care and chemicals commonly found on a daily basis such as hairspray, perfume, and other cosmetics can damage and reduce the shine of jewelry.

Jewelry care - jewelry care
Understanding how to care for your precious jewelry can help maintain its beauty, sparkle and quality.

Weekly, should soak the product in diluted dishwashing liquid, use a soft brush to scrub the inside and outside of the product. Then, rinse the product with clean water, wipe it with a soft paper, and let it dry.

  • Avoid letting jewelry come into contact with cosmetics, makeup chemicals, hairdressers, shampoos, and lotions.
  • Jewelry should be stored carefully in separate jewelry boxes.
  • The storage box should have cotton or foam.
  • Items that have been oxidized (blackened, rusted) should not be placed with other jewelry to prevent oxidation from spreading to other items.
  • Do not wear jewelry all day because it is not good for health and reduces the durability of jewelry.
  • Take it off when you do housework, play sports, swim and even sleep to avoid scratching.
  • Do not wear jewelry when doing heavy work or in contact with chemicals.
  • When playing sports, doing housework or porting, all jewelry should be removed to avoid collisions, scratching or reducing their shine.
  • Should not be worn while bathing, washing or swimming.

jewelry care

For jewelry to always sparkle

It's easy to make your jewelry sparkle like new. Learn some ways to use common household products to clean jewelry at home.

  • Method 1: Use toothpaste to brush the surface of silver jewelry for a while and then wipe it clean.
  • Method 2: Use soap to clean the surface of the jewelry, then use a solution that is mixed in the ratio: 100 ml of water mixed with 20 grams of sulfur and then washed. Finally, use clean water to wash it off.
  • Method 3: Use water to wash jewelry, dry with a towel, can also use hot soapy water to wash. Next, we use a mixture of ammonia and white limestone powder mixed into a paste to apply to the jewelry, let it dry, use a soft cloth to wipe it until it is shiny.
  • Method 4: Take the lemon after squeezing the water, along with a little salt, add a little water and then drop the jewelry into boiling until clean.
    To make jewelry more shiny, you get a clean and smooth velvet cloth, and then beat it back and forth many times until shiny.
  • Method 5: Prepare a little concentrated rice water, then put silver jewelry in and heat it for about 15 minutes. Then wash with soapy water, this will help the silver shine longer.
  • Method 6: Use a packet of powder (used in image washing) to mix in 1 liter of water, put the jewelry in the mixed solution, soak for 3-5 minutes and then take it out. Rinse with water and gently wipe the stain away.

Note: If the jewelry has many textures, stains in the interstitial, you can use a brush soaked in soapy water to wash each small detail.

Note when traveling jewelry

Pack your bags for your dream vacation and wonder if you should bring your favorite piece of jewelry? We give you some tips when traveling with jewelry.

Many visitors will often leave all jewelry or valuables at home. But if you want to bring your favorite jewelry, then you should remember the following guidelines so that your jewelry can be safe during travel. McKenzie Santimer, GIA exhibitor, who packs and ships multi-million dollar jewelry, shares 10 tips on how to keep jewelry safe on the go.

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Take a photo of your jewelry

Take pictures of all the jewelry you plan to bring. If once lost and later found, you can use this image to prove that it is yours.

Take a photo of your jewelry

Contact your insurance carrier

Inform your insurance company of your arrival and departure dates. Travelers frequently let their credit card carriers know when they're traveling, and you should do the same when wearing jewelry.
Always carry jewelry with you: Keep your jewelry in hand luggage. Never put them in checked baggage – baggage can be lost!

Contact your insurance carrier

Put jewelry in a medicine box

The birth control pill box is perfect for organizing and storing jewelry. It's sturdy and inexpensive – and has a few other benefits: it's convenient for you to plan on wearing your jewelry every day of the week. It will also protect your jewelry from damage by other items in your bag.

Put jewelry in a medicine box

Pack your jewelry in plastic bags

Plastic sandwich bags are a great way to pack jewelry. Place each piece of jewelry in its own bag, and then label it with a description of what's inside. This allows you to quickly see everything that you have brought. Do not store pearls in plastic bags for a long time.

Pack your jewelry in plastic bags

Pin the jewelry:

If wearing earrings or brooches, pin it in plastic bags so it won't move. This prevents parts from rubbing against each other which can scratch and damage soft gems.

Do not use cotton

Cotton leaves thread under the barbs of the jewelry. Saran package or plastic bag is much better choice. They won't leave fibers on your jewelry and allow you to see what you've packed.

Bring a polishing cloth or an eyeglass cleaning cloth

A soft cloth like those used to clean eyeglasses or a microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning your jewelry before you wear it.

Thread beads and necklaces through a straw

String beads, necklaces through straws to prevent them from getting tangled. This simple trick can save you a lot of headaches while staying at a hotel.

Thread beads and necklaces through a straw

Don't carry too much:

Sometimes less is enough. You should choose a few favorite pieces of jewelry and leave the rest at home for safety.

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