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Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry Gift

Have you given enough love to your wonderful women? AME Jewelery advises how to choose Jewelry Gifts for special occasions.

No matter who the recipient is, Jewelry is always a valuable gift that conveys a lot of meaning and makes the strongest impression.
More than a meaningful gift, Jewelry is a precious keepsake of the affection and filial piety that you have for your Mother.

There are many ways to give birthday gifts with gems that match the birthday of the recipient - you will make a pleasant impression and surprise for that person. AME Jewelery advises you in the following ways for you to choose.

Happy Valentine

All of us want to show our love through gift giving, especially on occasions like giving birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, choosing unique gifts for women's day 8/3 & 20/10, or expressing love on Valentine's Day 14/2, wedding gift or wedding anniversary. There are many types of beautiful gifts for you to choose from. But no matter who the recipient is, jewelry is always the gift that conveys the most meaning, value and uniqueness.

When choosing jewelry as a birthday gift, each month of birth in the year has a gemstone as its own symbol and a protective gem for the wearer. Therefore, the gift of jewelry with gemstones according to the month of birth means a lot to the recipient, much more than the inherent value of the jewelry.

Giving jewelry with gemstones according to the month of birth should be suitable for the recipient who is male, female or child.

Gift for wife or husband, or lover

Shopping for a spouse can be a stressful experience. Perhaps you've been together for so long that it feels like you've run out of ideas, or maybe your spouse was a little disappointed in some of your gifts the last time around. But with jewelry, you won't have to worry, because giving your husband or wife a gift of jewelry always pleases and delights them. Over the centuries, this still holds true.

Giving jewelry to men can seem a bit daunting, but if you know your husband's style, then choosing the right jewelry style will be much easier.

For the traditionalist: A “ton sur ton” shirt in the color of the Ring is a gift he can wear almost every day.

For someone with a bold style: A pair of Rings on the right hand of the same stone for both, or your earrings and pendant with the same color of his stones - It is a strong way to show solidarity between two people.

With the modern type: A pair of Rings worn on the right hand of the same design will be very romantic and implicitly send the message that he is a part of your life.

If you are shopping for your wife, or lover, you should rest assured she will definitely love a gift of jewelry. Choose jewelry with stones according to the month of her birth.

If she likes simplicity: A Ring with her birth month.

A pair of rings for both of them with stones according to her birth month – Together forever.

If she's the classic and stylish type: A beautifully designed necklace or bracelet with a birth month stone is the right choice.

Gift for mothers

For mothers, nothing is more precious than their children. So jewelry given to mothers is not only the type of gemstone that is suitable for their birth month, but can also be combined with other gemstones that are suitable for the birth month of their children.

Popular choices for mother-of-pearl jewelry are rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, charm necklaces.

With Mothers playing a huge role behind all of their children's glories: A sparkly, colorful piece of jewelry is the right choice for them to wear every day.

With Mother with airy style: A pendant is attached with precious stones according to the month of birth of the children.

With Modern Mom: A necklace & a pendant with a delicate design.

Always remember, their birth month and their children's birth month jewelry is an inseparable item that all mothers want to wear every day.

Give children

In many cultures, it is a tradition to wear children's jewelry with simple, sophisticated designs. Boys are necklaces, bracelets, and anklets with a rustic & smooth design without stones. Little girls are pretty necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.

Stone jewelry is mixed with precious stones according to the birth month of the baby and the rest of the family to show the connection of family traditions and create harmony in the family.

Give to friends

When you give gifts to friends, jewelry according to your birth month will make a pleasant impression & surprise.

For the girl who loves simplicity, elegance and modernity: A pair of earrings, a ring with a stone according to the month of birth will help her have an extra way to mix with fashion outfits.

For girls who love sophistication: A necklace, or necklace with a locket with a stone according to the month of birth will make a strong impression.

ame jewelry gift box

Gifts of jewelry with stones according to the month of birth go beyond the meaning of ordinary birthday gifts. It carries value, creating deep and lasting impressions for your loved ones.

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