10 years, 23 countries on 5 continents, 9 countries in Europe, 18 states in USA, 48 provinces in VN 10 years, 23 countries on 5 continents, 9 countries in Europe, 18 states in USA, 48 provinces in VN

Jewelry Design and Crafting

Jewelry design & making

We understand you always want to own beautiful, luxurious and unique jewelry.

Jewelry design and fabrication by skilled Vietnamese Jewelers. AME Jewelery is proud to bring Jewelry made in Saigon to customers in 19 countries on 5 continents.

AME Jewelery accepts 3D jewelry design, produces Gold Jewelry samples on request. Natural Gems and Pearls Options. Check the Golden Age by spectrophotometer.


Design and Create Your Own Jewelry - Custom Jewelry Maker

Turn your inspiration into your own jewelry with Natural Diamond s, Colored Gemstones , and Cultured Pearls .

Since 2014, at AME Jewelery based in Saigon, we have worked closely with customers from 19 countries on five continents to design & create custom jewelry.

first, bring us your sketch, snapshot or description. You will get CAD rendering views of your custom jewelry project to check the design before we make it.

Then, our experienced goldsmiths will create your custom jewelry in White Gold , Rose Gold , or Yellow Gold .

Finally, you can add names or personal messages with engraving to personalize jewelry.

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The Journey of Creation: From inspiration to creation

Discover AME Jewelery's creative journey from design inspiration to jewelry making with passion and skilled craftsmanship.

Jewelry Manufacturing Process - AME Jewelery

3D CAD Jewelry Design

The creative journey from inspiration to design ideas and realization with 3D jewelry design drawings.

3D CAD jewelry design ame jewelry

Jewelry 3D Printer - Wax Carving

Jewelry design drawings are transferred to a 3D printer to create high-precision wax patterns, sharp lines even with models with intricate details or small patterns.

Wax Carving

Gold and Silver - Casting

Wax patterns are mounted in the shape of a pine tree, placed in a crucible, and filled with plaster. After curing, the plaster is melted with wax to form a jewelry mold. Molten gold or silver is poured into the crucible to fill the hollow mold, shaping the raw jewelry.

Gold and Silver Casting

Stone Setting and Polishing - Finishing Jewelry

Raw jewelry is welded, cut, and set with stones. They are then polished, engraved and plated to create a luxurious, durable and shiny jewelry.

Jewelry finishing - AME Jewelery

Stone Setting and Polishing

Quality Standards of Our Jewelry

The jewelry is checked for quality and tested for gold age by spectrometer. Diamonds, gems and pearls are carefully selected and tested at the SJC Lab or SBJ Lab.

Quality Standards a Jewelry

AME Jewelery - Jewelry Design and making in Saigon. International Shipping

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